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Hello Everyone,

As beekeepers & apitherapists we are in a unique position to help ourselves, friends & families while adhering to national guidelines during this difficult time dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. We are certainly far from helpless!  For centuries the products of the hive have helped keep us healthy and our immune systems strong. It is also vital to stay positive, take long walks, breathe fresh air, and soak in the sunshine. Quality sleep is also crucial to the body’s immune system. Words & thoughts have immense power on our immune system as well. Meditate. Dance, Laugh. Sing. See this imposed still time as a retreat for healing & self discovery rather than a “quarantine”. Always bee kind with yourself & each other.


My Apitherapy Recommendations:

Pure Raw Apitherapy Honey: unfiltered, uncontaminated, never heated, straight out of the hive: 1-2 TBSP/day

Propolis: Exceptional & Powerful Anti Viral! In capsules minimum 1,000mg +/day, increase if you have cold/flu symptoms. Also antibacterial, anti fungal. Green, brown or red propolis are effective too long as you know the provenance of the product.  Tinctures can be useful too although strength and percentage of propolis is variable and difficult to know exact dosage. Definitely great as an adjunct general probiotic. Most importantly, take the propolis you have on hand

Pollen: 1-3 tsp in water, juice, smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes to soften the protein exterior of each granule for better absorption. This will provide you with all the protein & essential nutrients your body needs and give you lots of stamina! If you are sensitive to pollen, please start off with just a couple of grains and gradually increase over a few weeks. For example 1/8 tsp for 3-5 days, 1/4 tsp 3-5 days, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp., 1 1/2 tsp, 2 tsp and so on. Adult dosage is up to 3 TBSP/day. Pollen is best taken in the morning through mid afternoon.

Royal Jelly: 1,500mg/night, restorative, great for sleep, hormonal balance and recovery from illness

Bee Venom: you are at a distinct advantage if you are a beekeeper or Apitherapist who has attended an American Apitherapy Society’s(AAS) Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course & Conference(CMACC) over the years or one of my Intensive Apitherapy Workshops. Bee venom elevates the body’s immune system to fight free radicals, bacteria, and many viruses. Many of those participants have learned the location of key immune system points to administer bee venom therapy or Apipuncture coming from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. Those points are Stomach 36 (bilateral), Conception Vessel 6, Governing Vessel 14, Bladder 23 (bilateral). ST 36 & CV 6 are located on the front of the body & easily accessible. You will need a partner for the back ones! Give yourselves mini or full stings in all these points or alternate every few days, depending on your experience and tolerance of bee venom. Please make sure to adhere to all safety precautions for BVT and have an Epipen & Benadryl on hand at all times. Now is the time to re visit those conference notes and presentations to re discover the immense wealth of knowledge you all have available. I would also recommend getting an acupuncture point location book or perhaps ask your acupuncturist for help.

Please find joy & empowerment in incorporating these amazing honeybee products into your daily regimen.

Peace, bees & great health,


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