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Originally from France, and now in New York for many years, Frederique is a licensed
acupuncturist medical herbalist in private practice that also incorporates Classical Homeopathy
and Apitherapy utilizing raw honey, pollen, bee bread, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and bee venom where applicable.

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BeePharm: thank you so much for inventing your amazing skin care line!
Within 2 weeks of using the Honey Rose Rejuvenation Day Moisturizing Cream
and the   Bee-Tox  Bee Venom Night Firming Cream, faithfully every day my skin changed completely
it was hydrated,  felt softer , and a small red spot that has always annoyed me has lessened in color significantly.

Looking forward to see what else the hive helps you invent.

Bee Pharm’s bee venom balm immediately stops pain & stiffness, especially in hands and feet. It can also bring down swelling. I had a swollen, stiff and painful thumb joint that was somewhat debilitating, and nothing helped. I was looking at surgery. However, I used a tiny bit of bee venom balm and it was all fixed within 15 minutes. The swelling has never, repeat never, returned. I use it all the time, never want to be without it. It is wonderful!