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Finding a reliable supplier of Bee Bread (Perga) is very difficult and BeePharm is extremely fortunate to have a fantastic, caring, reliable, and ethical connection for Perga, Wild Bee Bread from wildflowers which is fresh, soft, nutrient packed and delicious! Treat yourself and feel the difference as the energy absorbs into your body!

The partially fermented pollen mixture stored in the honeybee combs, also referred to as Perga, "natural beebread" has a different composition and nutritional value than the field collected pollen pellets and is the food given to honeybee larvae and eaten by young worker bees to produce royal jelly.
Bee's Bread, also known as ambrosia or Perga, is prepared by the worker bees.
The collected pollen were mixed with nectar and enzymes and brought into the beehive.
This mass is stored in the combs where a process of fermentation starts.
The fermented pollen are better to digest and the ingredients of the pollen are easier available
to the metabolism. Perga has a pleasant sour-sweet-fruit-like aroma and can be easy added
to yogurt, breakfast cereals, fruit smoothies or wonderful eaten plain as a snack.

Pollen collected by bees is mixed with nectar and packed into the cells of the honeycomb where it ferments slightly to form Perga. This contains practically all the essential amino acids, many vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E and H, biotin, folic acid and rutin) and minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium). It also has wide range of medicinal applications especially in cases of compromised metabolism, digestive disorders and allergies (Kaal 1991).

Perga does NOT lose any nutritional value at all due to the fermentation process performed by worker bees. In addition, this process adds new nutrition to the pollen such as  enzymes, honey etc.  Perga can be kept 2 years or more without any nutrition loss.

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