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What is Stiper?

Crystallized Silicon fiber, SiO2, and vegetable cellulose. Silicon is one of the most abundant elements in nature, which, on crystallizing in three faced triangular prisms, forms QUARTZ. “Crystallography” gives a very important place to crystals. In this practice they are used to heal the body with their vibrational charge.

On contact with the skin, STIPER has the property of absorbing energy from the body and from the surroundings. It behaves like a sponge, absorbing spare water until it is fully saturated and then releasing it in a controlled, gradual way, re-establishing the energy continuously.

Stiper has the property of reflecting and absorbing with later re-emission. So, because of its special crystalline structure, it acts as a condenser, absorbing heat on different wavelengths and letting it go only with the frequency of the (IR) distant infrareds, which we feel as a pleasant sensation of heat.

Biological Effects

It improves the metabolism, speeding up enzyme reactions, freeing the precursors of inflammation because it increases the production for active oxygen or superoxide anion, inducing superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity. Fundamental for phagocytoses in the fight against infections and in eliminating toxins.

Increases capillary permeability by increasing the size of the pores due to vasodilatation because of the increase in temperature.

General effects: general vasodilatation, deep vasodilatation. Relaxation of the smooth and striated musculature, reduction in muscular tone (sedation)

Stiper Puncture

Stiper heats the meridians and disperses cold, consolidating the Yang, mobilizing the Qi and activating the circulation of blood and lymph.

It is very useful in clinical practice for treating illnesses caused both in cases of stagnation of Qi and Xue (depressions), and cold-damp and chronic diseases caused by the cold pathogen that has penetrated deeply.

Stiper-therapy can be used in combination with applying a variety of natural remedies along with the Stiper in order to enhance & stimulate specific therapy being applied.

This includes Apitherapy products such as:

-Bee Venom Ointment (to help activate anti-inflammatory effect)

-Propolis tincture or extract (acts to fight infection, bacteria & viruses, etc.)

-Raw Honey (wound, scar, & burn healing, etc.)

-Bee Pollen (helps build up the immune system)

-Raw Royal Jelly (stimulate the hormonal glands)



The reflex zones, acupuncture points and chakra are undoubtedly one of the concerns of all therapists since Dr. De la Fuye, a student of traditional Chinese medicine, on checking the de Weihe pressure points, noted that 153 points coincided with the acupuncture points. Dr. De la Fuye, author of various works “la Acupuncture Moderne Practique” (Practice of Modern Acupuncture) Le Francoise Paris 1952, traite d’acupuncture (Manual of Acupuncture) 1956, began parallel treatment required. Patients do not always have the time or the financial resources required.

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